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Do you know the feeling

... when your created logo, your image, your developed website or app is not as convincing as you would like?

Your company’s Internet presence does not match your expectations and even though you have an idea, a vision, it is difficult for you to implement it authentically?

The website, on which you are working on with your team, is not as simple and intuitive to operate, as you would like it to be? Are the technologies slow and bulky?


We know what you mean.
We know the frustration that results from it.
We help you to transform precisely this feeling in a joyful and successful mood!

We specialize in placing the authentic message of your person, your product or service in the centre. Our main focus is to bring the true essence of your idea to the front - the more authentic is the presentation of your products, the more acceptance and success you will harvest as feedback.

We are engaged with heart and passion. Authenticity and values are success carriers. The numerous references of satisfied customers confirm this.

We set everything in motion so that is worry-free experience. This way you can put your advertising out with joy and enthusiasm.

Together we allow your brand message, your product, your services to shine on the digital market!



We act as narrow as possible so that the right feeling, the true essence of your brand message shines through. We believe in your content and in the ease & simplicity of things.

You get much more than just design & engineering ...

... everything we do we do with the focus on our fundamental values. Honesty, commitment, trust.

You as our customer care with dedication for the ingredients that you use for your burgers, the soap that you sell, the blog or social media contribution that you compose. Exactly this attention makes you an ideal contact for CREATIONWORX. Your specialist knowledge combined with our expertise brings your content, products and services in an ideal starting position.

In an open dialogue we create space for clarity about what your products and services mean to you and how this vision can be brought to the outside world. Problems are solved in cooperation, you can concentrate on your core business and thus automatically be more successful. In this case quality has the top priority. It is important to us that you – just like us – experience joy in our work!

It is important to us that you as a customer and beyond that as a partner and human being are met at eye level. This way we can maintain a trusting relationship and reach successful results for all parties involved. We are pleased to work with enthusiastic and open people, who value their skills, services and products, love design and are open for expertise.

We are honest – for us to be able to come into the office with a smile on the lips each morning, it is particularly important to us. Based on this fact, we give our BEST. We throw ourselves into the work and spare no effort to strengthen your objective. This is how your product becomes fit for the digital market.

Since 2009

Creationworx was established in September 2009 as independent company. The Agency is located in a rural, quiet area in Thurgau, not far from the town of Schaffhausen (10 minutes by train & car), Winterthur (25 minutes by car) and Zurich (35 minutes by car).


Martin Schunerits-Grandits
Managing Director / Head of Creation

Over the course of my art & graphic design studies in Vienna I have collected experience in various areas of visual communication. Through my affinity to multimedia art as well as in painting all doors are open to a diverse, special way of thinking and creativity. A strong enthusiasm for technology and the world of programming season the creative kitchen with additional useful know-how.

In my area of work free creativity, target-oriented precise design & technical sophistication merge together. These conditions allow to think unconventionally & creatively, to work in a structured & reliable matter and to meet the objectives in a customer-oriented, authentic way and according to market demands. My customer opinions and achievements are the best references for this.

I love to work with people at eye level; therefore I prefer the idea of a network-oriented structure. Creationworx is a network-based Digital Brand Design Studio. The guarantees the ongoing expansion of our diverse competencies, solutions on the latest technical level and the highest level of creativity.


«Branding is about so much more than what people see. It's about how you make people feel.»



In recent years, it was the internal focus clearly set on the extension of the teams with experts and on growth. We have invested in ourselves, have sharpened our design skills and learned from the best at seminars, workshops and trainings. An international network is available to help you and your task. Designers, programmers, project managers, IT specialists, photographers, illustrators, video professionals and experts in the 2 & & 3D area are available for you.

The network of experts

Programming, software and everything around IT & Internet has become a central part of any company and any brand. The requirements of a team of web developers are high and get higher constantly through the abundance and variety of end devices such as smart phones, tablets and topics such as virtual reality/ augmented reality.

The complex technical landscape behind the apparent, as seen on the displays of our devices, requires specialised knowledge and experience. At the same time, the rapid digital progress demands ongoing further education to take account of current developments.

And it behaves so not only with the technology. Web content, i.e. text, video and photography have to be delivered in high quality, the digital market is demanding. It is almost impossible and at the same time does not make sense to fulfil all these requirements as a single person.

A team, project management on a high level. It needs people who love what they do and who are authentic in theire craft & profession. This team CREATIONWORX built for you. Today there is an international network of experts in the area of design, programming, photography, video, animation, 3D, VR, etc.

A wide-ranging network alone is however not sufficient to deliver the exceptional results to the customer and the market. There has to be an interface, a creative person, a hub, a network engineer. Someone who knows, optimally assesses, activates, combines and knows how to bundle the potential and the fullness of the skills of the people. This is what Martin Schunerits-Grandits stands for. CREATIONWORX is your partner when it comes to digital brand, design, consultancy, programming, project management, creative direction and business coaching.


Positive experiences

Many entrepreneurs from various fields and also branding agencies, design offices and graphic designers already rely on the know-how of CREATIONWORX and the connected network. They can implement both large design concepts, project management and coaching as well as parts of projects such as websites, apps, APIs, e-Commerce and other IT as well as heavy code projects for us.

Martin Schunerits-Grandits is your personal contact, creative head, who will listen to you with passion. He creates concepts, designs and strategies with and for you. He works with a committed and reliable team on their implementation and that your advertising materials can work successfully and shine successfully on the web market.

«We love content of high quality & especially we love authentic photography»

Here you see an excerpt from shootings, which we implemented for our customers. The main part of the images has emerged of cooperation with © Nicole Heiling Photography & © Martin Schunerits-Grandits.

Business-Portraits for

Reportage for

Reportage for «Papierrestaurierung Hirschengasse»

Reportage & Portraits for

Reportage – Design Talk at Vitra Showroom Vienna

Reportage & Portraits for

Reportage & Portraits for

Reportage & Portraits for